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Sleep is an essential part of one's routine. A good sleep puts you in your best mood to tackle challenges that come your way. So here we are, at LEAP 16, to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a very comfy and cosy apparel.

LEAP 16 manufactures an endless variety of night wears with various designs and prints, using a broad spectrum of colour combinations and original patterns. The fabrics used have a natural memory designed to stretch with every movement of the body while retaining a sharp, lightweight structure.

We at LEAP 16 manufacture night wears, making sure that you are updated with every on going trend.

We promise to make you feel at-most comfortable while you have a very peaceful sleep.

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Leap 16 Apparel Pvt. Ltd.

D-3/A, 308, Asmeeta textile park, Kalyan-Bhiwandi road,

Kongaon, Bhiwandi, Maharashtra - 421311.

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